Coaster, Trays, Bowls etc


Bringing the famous Warli art into lifestyle products. A complete range of coffee table collection from trays , coasters, Tissue paper box, plates, bowls , including the hand-painted Warli runners.. These are made in rubberwood / Neem wood and MDF and costing varies as per that. These also makes up for the suitable corporate gifting collections..

Kettles, Bottles, etc.


The painting the 'pattachitra' resemble the old murals of Odisha, dating back to the 5th century BC. Our award winning artists  from Puri can paint these on any mediums from recyled bottles to kettles, Containers to Kettles, From Erricut (Supari) to Coconuts. and textiles too. you name it. Medium is no constraint for these artists

Frames, Shields & Plates


Odisha's priced possession - the pattachitra art work is  manifested by rich colourful application, creative motifs and designs, and portrayal of simple themes, mostly mythological in depiction.  Bringing these motifs to the wall decor suited to modern lifestyle we bring in the new range of pattachitra Frames, Shields and Plates in different sizes. 

Leather Lamps


 The craft of making leather puppets is inextricably linked to the traditional folk form of cultural expression, namely, puppetry.  the form originated in 200 BC when it was patronized by the rulers of the Satvahana dynasty.   Over a period leather puppet makers diversify their ware into making  colorful lampshades or decors..  themes and design motifs have largely been drawn from traditional and religious sources  

Papermesh Masks


 The rich heritage of Orissa is bestowed with the craft of moulding paper into a range of products including patachitra styled masks locally known as Mukha. The skill has been creatively practised by the craftsmen all over Orissa particularly in and around Puri. These masks are not only strikingly beautiful but sturdy and durable as well. 

Fridge Magnets


There is large range of handpainted Fridge magnets  in Palm Leaf, Madhubani painting, Pattachitra art, Warli painting, Paper mesh etc.. These are handpainted by tribal artisans from their respective regions. These traditional painting motifs makes for a fantastic give away in lower budget. Bulk orders only..